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Search a pain or ailment and discover the mental/ emotional connection.


What if you knew specifically how YOUR thoughts
were affecting you? Knowledge empowers you for change.

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MindBody Dictionary

App user

I love this app!! I use the affirmations in the morning during my meditation. I use it throughout the day whenever I have an ache or pain. I use it when my kids get sick. Understanding the mind-body connection helps me better care for myself and my family. I’m so excited to have this information right at my fingertips!

MindBody Thinker/Practitioner

As a chiropractor I can see how emotional stress effects a person’s health and pain. It is so handy to direct a patient to this app and help them outside the office. I look forward to it for me myself as well.

MindBody Product Buyer

"Your new 'WedMD®'.

Guys, your healing can only go so far when you treat the body, but ignore the mind. This app is a WEALTH of knowledge that will help you find deeper healing, peace, and acceptance."

- Mind Body Dictionary User

Healing Starts with Loving

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