Explore The Connection Between Mind And Body.


We want to empower individuals with knowledge of the specific relationships between the mind and body to motivate positive change in their minds and lives.



"I can’t wait for this app! As a chiropractor, I can see how emotional stress affects a person’s health and pain. It will be so handy to direct a patient to this app and help them outside the office. I look forward to it for me myself as well." - Dr. Krysta

The Definitions

Enjoy this small selection of what will be included in the app.

What is Mind Body Dictionary?

Mind Body Dictionary is an online resource and app that offers a simple and easy to use search tool to identify specific physical ailments and define their mental-emotional connections. This resource also offers positive affirmations to facilitate the mindset changes needed to reinforce healthy thinking and living. 

Make it real.

"Tiny invisible things" that made us sick were laughed at a long time ago. Now we know them as bacteria and viruses.

It's time to acknowledge the "invisible" emotions that affect us every day. 

Let's make it happen.

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Understanding the Mind-Body connection can change lives.

Imagine what it would be like to understand how your thoughts, feelings, and unresolved memories are affecting your body?

Changing our mindset, finding resolution, healing relationships, and supporting our health are all positive benefits that are worth sharing and supporting.

Thank you for your support!


There is something more...


In addition to sleep, exercise and nutrition, emotions play a huge role in our health.

The mind-body connection has shown to be quite consistent. Knowledge is power. Insights and understanding can help you on your pathway to healing.


What if you knew specifically how YOUR thoughts
were affecting you?

Knowledge empowers you for change.

About Us

Ron Wayman and Denise Scholes are practitioners in holistic health, empowering people and improving lives through facilitating the release of mental and emotional struggles and health challenges.  Inspired by the power of how understanding the mind-body connection can help individuals understand the struggles in their lives, we’ve endeavored to create an easy to use app that will offer insight and knowledge to motivate positive change.

Find the Connection.


Search a pain or ailment and discover the mental/ emotional connection. ​

Coming Soon!

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Mind Body Dictionary