Our Mission

The purpose of Mind Body Dictionary is to empower individuals with knowledge of the connection between the physical ailments and their emotional causes in order to motivate positive change in their minds and lives. 

What is Mind Body Dictionary?

Mind Body Dictionary is an online resource and app that offers a simple and easy to use the search tool to identify specific physical ailments and define their mental-emotional connections. You will find positive affirmations that are correlated to specific ailments to facilitate the mindset changes needed to reinforce healthy thinking and living. It also includes referrals to qualified practitioners, products, and classes that will help people along their healing path. 

About Us

Motivate Positive Change in Minds and Lives

Ron Wayman and Denise Scholes are practitioners in holistic health, empowering people, and improving lives through facilitating the release of mental and emotional struggles and health challenges.


As a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist, Certified in Enzyme Nutrition and Empowerlife Emotional Coach, Ron’s work with thousands of clients has provided him phenomenal insight and understanding of the emotional and physical challenges that hold people back from achieving true joy in their lives. 


Denise is an Energy Kinesiologist Practitioner in Colorado. She helps to guide individuals back to health and happiness, realigning their lives with the core wisdom found within. She is passionate about bringing awareness to the holistic field and the phenomenal impact it can have on lives and health. 


Inspired by the power of how understanding the mind-body connection can help individuals understand the struggles in their lives, we’ve endeavored to create an app and education that is easy to access and use to offer insight and knowledge that will motivate positive change.