It feels like a tornado hit. Just make it all stop! Circumstances outside of your control are congesting your head with fear and anger. You don't trust the 'higher power' or divine essence to make things right, or to make them the way you want them. To counterbalance the lack of assurance you feel, you begin overthinking, overanalyzing, and suppressing your emotions. At some level, you don't believe you are smart enough, but these compensations make things worse. You end up angry, and perhaps mad about being angry. The self-judgments challenge your self-worth, which is angering, then the cycle continues. Back of head: Suppressed anger, excessive pleasing, fear of seeing, fear of connecting, wanting to escape. You may demand more of yourself than you can or have given. Forehead headache: Worry, overly concerned, self-pity, self-blame, intense anger suppressed, sadness. Holding a negative perspective and struggling to see the good. Top of head: Suppressed emotions of all types. Anger to someone close, Fear of moving forward, trepidation. Learning feels overwhelming.

Begin by opening yourself up to feeling deeply. Your heart and mind are meant to work together. Your emotions can give you experience and knowledge. Choose to allow yourself to change the pattern of suppressing your emotions. Be patient and have faith in yourself and others. Trust life with all it's possibilities, focusing on congruency and abundance.


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