Overweight / Weight Issues

Overweight / Weight Issues

You are craving love and attention, and you're angry, perhaps even hateful, for not having it. You are filling a void in your soul with comfort foods. Your precious foods cover your sadness, regret, and any other feeling that bothers you. Your eating style compensates for what you wish you could receive from other people. You use the excess as a protection and method of keeping your emotions stuffed. You wish you could have it all without letting go of hidden anger that is not serving you. You are a good person, but you are afraid of letting people see the real you. You have given up and think, "why try?" After a while, you forget and try another idea, only to fail, thus causing the feelings of self-failure and personal regret.

Failure comes too easy when you do the yo-yo dieting. The only way to conquer yourself is to not conquer but work with all the parts of yourself in a consistent daily manner. Consistent daily exercise, positive mind resets, doing simple challenges, and taking one step at a time is all part of creating success. You are not a failure. You are a human learning how to cooperate with all parts of yourself. Be your best friend by.... Download the app to see more, including healing affirmations.

Overweight / Weight Issues

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