You are angry and struggling to learn from your experience. You are searching, but not grounded in your evaluations. You've become angry with yourself amidst self-pity and self-hate. You regret and blame yourself for what has happened. You felt rejected or hurt from a loved one, but haven't allowed yourself to process the range of emotions. Now you are left depressed, lonely, stuck, or worried. You may try to replace the old relationship with new people or things to fill the void. It isn't supporting real healing. You withhold taking action on your irritations, hoping to get validation, but it attracts excess judgments instead. Your right sinus deals with external disappointments or irritations. Your left sinus shows stress when there are internal self-rejections.

Have love and compassion for yourself. Ground yourself through breathing exercises as you seek to make peace with your emotional hurts from the past. Grow in wisdom and understanding through insights. Make peace with who you are and embrace the ever-present love from nature and the divine. Consider that any self-pity, hatred of yourself and others, and wishing life would be different won't change a thing except make your sinuses worse. Notice any post-nasal drip, clearing your throat constantly, slight or constant frontal headaches are signs that the sinuses are accumulating inflammation. Take note to deal with your conflicts that are right in front of your face. You need to face the fear of being honest and speaking out your truthful feelings. You need to release that deep anger that surfaces as mucus, pain, fatigue, cloudy thinking, and self-pity. It is time to be clear, and be your real self in public and to yourself in private. Love you, yourself, and life.


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