Skin Issues

Skin Issues

"It's getting under my skin!" Your skin is your boundary and protection. You have irritations from not maintaining your mental, emotional, or physical space. You are not in your true feelings and overly concerned with others' thoughts and feelings about you. You feel misunderstood. Your lack of security with who you are makes you behave in ways that are not true to you. You resent or hate that, but you suppress your anger and cover your embarrassment. You end up irritable and overly critical of others, and feeling guilty about it. You don't like the negative emotions but are afraid to live in your true feelings. You try to focus your efforts on things that you are not particularly good at. Yet, you are irritated you can't share your gifts. You wish for love, approval, or to be valued, but feel unworthy of it. There is a fear that if you seek out these needs, you'll get burned. Sometimes you may use the skin issue as an excuse to keep away. Skin Rashes: You are itching to do something. Suppressed rage or hatred. Fear or panic of going forward, living, or speaking the truth. Skin Peeling: You want to believe in yourself and your worth, but you aren't doing anything about it. Dry Skin: You've plugged up your feelings, and you are holding onto something precious or secret. Skin Cancer: It's a self-attack. You are destroying yourself because you believe you are unworthy or imperfect.

You have a great capacity to be sensitive to the energies of your environment. When you desire and then seek spiritual awareness, take the time to share some of your insights. Finding safety in being honest with your wisdom and insights. It is okay to have an opinion. When others criticize, it is because they are afraid to see their own troubles. Let others have their own problems, and you enjoy seeing past the obvious. Start to release the anger about yourself and others. Remember, you can make a difference, but if you question yourself and resent others, the positive change that you could make diminishes quickly. Don't judge yourself or others for not understanding yet. Embrace the adventure of discovery for all. You are capable, and your gifts are needed. Become the light that you are and grow into your true self.

Skin Issues

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