Stomach Ache

Stomach Ache

You are sensitive to everything and everyone. You are empathic to other people's feelings and add your own worries. Mix up the emotions of those around you with your fears and concerns. The 'feelings soup' doesn't sit well in your stomach. Your sensitivities are worse when you can't control the personal attacks on your character or when you see the overwhelming problems of your family or friends. You want to release your frustrations, but you hold them in because you don't want to make things worse or deal with the consequences. The impending doom causes you to hesitate to make permanent changes. Your overwhelm makes it difficult to digest more information and new concepts. You would rather keep doing things your way. You may be demanding of others, but you have the agenda that it is good for them. Your personal power is often challenged. You back down to some and explode on others. When you are attacked, you struggle to express yourself. Like a "punch in the gut," you consistently restrain yourself. Out of fear, you deny yourself the opportunity to expand your awareness and consciousness. You end up confused, angry, bitter, hateful, resentful, and very sad. You can't digest these toxic emotions. You reject the energy and qualities of the gender opposite to you. You feel you don't deserve love. You resist support by being inflexible to the caring of others, but you wish others would be flexible with you. You have a hidden agenda that blocks real love and fosters self-rejection and self-blame.

You have the ability to sense and feel deeply, but it is time to make boundaries for yourself. Your excess empathy is good for understanding and caring, but not good for your digestive tract. Your worry does not match the problem. Your concern does not equal the solution. You easily lose your power with fear, worry, upset, and blame. Reclaim your power by being true to your core self. Find that core self with time along and nourishing yourself in every way but food. When you nourish your heart with food, it hurts your stomach, and it makes matters worse. Food is for nourishment but not for fixing and hiding problems. Sadness makes your stomach sluggish. Anger makes your stomach hurt. Fear makes your stomach ache. Your power could be in conscious living by heart and mind. Allow your mind and heart to work together. Seek harmony in living whole and human. Take time to truly heal the pain and "hurts" from the past. Learn compassion by first wisely caring for yourself.

Stomach Ache

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