First, you are overwhelmed, and then you felt attacked. You are on the lookout too much, and your body's defenses are in too many places at the same time. You wish you could get a break in life, but life is breaking you. You feel victimized by the gloom and doom of life. Life struggles are the overshadows of life's joys. You tend to expect to get the short end of the stick. You have someone in your life you don't want to stand up to, so you are hiding your real emotions. Your immune system is challenged with emotional conflict, secrets, dark feelings, overwhelm, worry, anger, resentment, and/or blame. When the emotions cause immune challenges, viruses have a door into your world.

Challenge your beliefs that cause you to feel like a victim in your circumstances. For you to feel weak and sick, there is some belief that causes you to blame without seeing a solution to the problem. Decide today to be proactive in moving through your frustration. Allow your emotional pain some movement with meditation, writing, or expressing it to someone who has the capacity to listen intently. Be attentive to your own mental and emotional needs, and don't wait for others to change in order for you to happy and content. You can create your own positive experience. Don't rely on the expectations of others. Let go of the beliefs that don't serve you. Strengthen your mind and body to become your highest, best, and awesome self. Choose now to distinguish yourself from those around you. Be you and be happy, beginning and end of the story.


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