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Could your emotions be making you gassy?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Have you noticed being a little gassy lately? Or maybe your quarantined roomate? #somethingsmellsinhere. We are all full of emotion at this turbulent time in our world and the physical manifestations of all those emotions are sure to be coming forthright, in one way or another.

I of coarse have no intention of making light of the state of the world, or all that is going on right now by bringing up our household and personal emissions. But I do hope that perhaps this thought will crack a smile, encourage reflection, bring about a positive mindset shift, and maybe even reduce the excess scents coming from the lower cracks in your home.

Perhaps, instead of, or in addition to gas, you have been getting more headaches, having trouble sleeping, or your jaw is extra tight.

We know our emotions play a role in our health but to what extent? Stress can cause us to tighten our shoulders or gut, or create tension in our jaw. It can do a lot of things.

But why does one person respond one way, while another responds so differently? What stresses in our life contribute to those tight shoulders verses a stomach or headache? And how specific does it get?

The biggest and most important question is, what can we do about it?!

Could changing our mindset and emotions really help reduce the tension in our body?

Well, if negative emotions can create tension then it might be safe to say that positive ones can relieve that tension. Perhaps you can try it out for yourself.

We have outlined over 200 physical conditions and their emotional connections.

Check out the specific emotions that might just get you gassy here.

Then, download the app on apple, or android to find suggestions to help change your mindset, affirmations, suggested foods to nourish you into a less gassy state. We also include recommended products from amazon to help!

After you see it for yourself then share this with your gassy friends, family, roommates... or perhaps just your quarantine mates! (Since that might be all you can hang out with right now.) Maybe you can offer a little support with a some helpful info to reduce the stink. :)

What physical conditions are bugging you now?

Use the power of your mind to help you heal:

  • Mindset matters, don't underestimate the power of the mind.

  • Your mental health is essential to your physical health. Nourish it.

  • You may not have access to medicine you are usually accustomed to being available. Don't forget to tap into the powerful capacity of clear mental thinking!

Mind Body Dictionary is dedicated to empowering people with information to help them heal their minds and lives. Check out the information about the emotional connections to back pain, sinuses, viruses, and more.

Stuck at home and #Itsmells.

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