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Inner Strength while dealing with Outer Chaos

There is a lot of change happening in our world today, and it’s perhaps unlike anything that has ever been seen on this scale. This change can and has elicited a variety of responses; everything from panic, to anger/rage, activism, and even fear, denial, or avoidance.

So, when dealing with such external stresses, what can we do within to maintain balance and strength without falling into the trap of excessive mental, emotional, and physical strain? And why is that even important?

When such significant changes abound, individual adaptation may be no less extreme. The plain and simple fact is that emotions have a huge affect on our cells, and on our DNA, a huge affect. This means that emotions have an enormous impact on our health and therefore our ability to effectively respond to the stimulus around us.

So, when the world is in chaos, what do we do? Here are a few thoughts.

  • We could get angry. We could blame the dictators or the rebels and become forceful and frustrated with their behavior. Ensuring that we loudly preach our perspective as the right one to have.

  • We could become fearful; retreating within and doing all we can to stay ‘off the radar’ or avoid confrontation. We might panic or go limp.

  • We could seek inner freedom regardless of external circumstance what is going on in the outside or exterior world, thereby choosing to align within ourselves and rather than push back with anger, or pull back in fear stand firm with conviction, faith, hope, courage, compassion and love. With a desire to make a difference for good.

Though there are many possible responses, let’s stop here. This is to give a little perspective.

Pushing back in anger is very different from standing firm with conviction, hope, or love. Our anger, if unchecked can cause us to get off balance, perhaps not seeing the full picture. It may cause us to be less rational or understanding of real possibilities. It can even turn us into the exact ‘monster’ we hate.

Our excessive or irrational anger is a clue to us of what may be off balance. That which triggers our anger most often represents an internal misalignment with our higher self. When we recognize our anger we can seek to resolve it first, by first understanding its etiological underpinnings and then regaining/retaining personal power through exercising our capacity to choose. Choose not to become the object of our anger. Choose not to become the dictator, rebel, or the victim which we hate, but rather we align with the sincere needs of all of us.

When we contract in fear we are not aligned with our true selves. We withhold our true selves, driven more by an affinity toward safety but at the expense of truth or even peace. If we set our conscience aside, out of fear of offending others, we deny our core self the ability to manifest itself with its inherent calm and courage.

How then do we navigate a balanced response and rise into our highest and best self?

That is what the Mind Body Dictionary offers: A solution of knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the conflict within ourselves so that we can find balance and peace all whilst rising into positive action which inclines our efforts and energy to the universal good.

That’s not to say anger, fear, disappointment, or sorrow are bad. They are all just emotions and constitute part of this human experience. When something is unjust or wrong, that can be extremely angering. But staying in those emotions and acting out from those emotions may lead to more harm than good. Although injustice lends itself to feelings of aggravation, persisting in (and even worse) acting on those emotions may generate more harm than good. The truth is, there is much greater power in standing for, speaking from, and acting on feelings inspired by love.

The goal is to allow those difficult emotions to move us, to transform us, and to bring us to a greater, elevated, or “enlightened” way of seeing and being rather than repeating history again and again.

Consider for a moment that you find yourself upset in your life. Allow the observation of this emotion to bring awareness that there is something ‘’off’’ within. Search for it and address it appropriately. Whatever change or impact you are seeking to have externally will be sabotaged or thwarted in some way so long as you maintain the internal imbalance. As you seek to balance that internal trigger, your words and actions will have so much greater capacity to bring about the good that you seek.

There is a positive and a negative side to every leader. If you can find the positive to someone that you hate, you have a chance of maturing. That doesn’t mean you have to vote for that person but you can or activate the wisdom within to help guide you. Otherwise you may feel impelled to force your opinion on others, declaring your ideas to be the only right ones. And then you’ll be just like them, just another dictator. That would be the case in a home as well as in any community or country.

So search inside yourself, discover what it is that triggers your rebelliousness, your rage, or your avoidance. Next time you read something on the news, on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else that you find upsetting, reflect on your internal response. Feel where it is in your body. Perhaps it is in your shoulders, your gut, your head or back. Perhaps you’ll identify it as tightness, pain, or dis-ease. Look it up on the Mind Body Dictionary, and begin to transform.

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