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Let's Talk Intuition

You may access your intuition regularly, or you may be completely clueless as to how to access this innate part of yourself. Either way, let’s chat.

Intuition is like learning how to ride a bike. If you begin to use your intuition and you ‘fall off' or discover you messed up, you might worry that you're just 'bad at it.' But think again, maybe you need to learn from the experience, get back on the bike, and try again. This time you will do it with more knowledge and experience. As you get back on and try over and over, you will get better. Eventually, you will take off and learn that you can to depend on your intuition because you have an understanding of how it works for you.

We all need something to grasp at the beginning. Just like a child learns to hold up their head, then sit up, then crawl, walk, and run, we need to start somewhere as we stretch towards quality intuition. There are several parts that contribute:

1. Knowledge

2. Awareness

3. Creativity

4. Connection (to each other)

5. Trust

6. Insights

7. Motivation

Intuition opens doors of understanding and possibility. Having a (1)knowledge base can offer direction that leads to (2)awareness and (3)creativity. Mind Body Dictionary offers that knowledge and awareness right at your fingertips.

As you gain that awareness and start to show creativity, (4)connect with others that you (5)trust. Gain addition (6)insights, and let the joy of discovery (7)motivate your growth. A connection to another person, to God, or to nature is essential in healing.

Forcing intuition doesn’t work. If you are struggling with intuition consider opening another door in another area of your life, it could be in a completely different than what you are struggling with though. You can gain more knowledge on a unique topic, talk to people, explore nature, play a game, or read something outside of your normal pattern to trigger new perspectives and insights.

Check out this discussion with Ron and Denise about intuition. We hope this helps you as you develop your capacity to integrate your insights into your life.

And let us know what you think! Comment on youtube or below. Let us know if you’d like a course in intuition where we can go step by step and teach more.

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