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What is Emotional Weight?

Emotional Weight? Is that really a thing?

Why yes. It actually is.

Sometimes the weight we carry on our shoulders isn't just figurative and perhaps when our mind is coping with 'weightier matters," it literally weighs us down.

To top it off, guilt acts like a glass ceiling, preventing any quality or lasting change. Any guilt that we carry for not being able to digest our life’s experiences does little more than compound our already heavy hearts. Guilt additionally has the potential to be a heavy contributor to a cyclical pattern of seeking change, tripping up, self-shaming for the mistake, then trying to comfort our wound with foods or sweets that miss our hearts needs and instead pain our stomach and digestive tract.

Our thoughts actually do impact our body, both directly and through our behavior.

Just like in pavlov's experiment, just the thought of food can create a chemical reaction in our body. So when we obsess about the sugar or cravings we want, or don't want, we are creating the digestive enzymes and chemical reactions, even though we have not even eaten the food. Those chemical reactions can create particles in our system that are heavier as a result. Imagine that.

So what can we do to change our thought processes out of the vicious pattern of yo-yo dieting, cravings, and weight loss and gain?

Here are three suggestions:

#1 Address the emotion

Life’s traumas, sadness, pain, and subsequent anger can build up in the body. If we don’t address the pains we have heald in they can weight our mind and heart down. When our mind and heart are unable to find the freedom and joy needed to thrive, our body struggles as well.

Consider what has happened that still bothers you. You may consider counselling, therapy, or meditation to help you release the past pains and suffering, and allow for freedom and growth.

#2 Ditch the guilt

Guilt is a great indicator but it is junk as a live-in partner. Teach your guilt to gift you with compassion and new insight, then let it go, move it along, and get it out. Embrace the learning, release the rest. We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. You as a person are so valuable, what you do does not define you but it can form you into who you want to be. Today is the perfect time to start.

#3 Calm the Crave

Often times we crave some food or substance as a method of avoiding pain or suffering of some kind. An easy trigger to find your trapped emotions is to recognize your cravings and really be there for yourself in those moments. Rather than giving into the cravings that drive you away from healing, face them head-on with a commitment to your true self, not your monkey mind. Breathe, use affirmations, and connect to that inner child who can remind you about the pains that are ready to be released.

You can learn so much more about this topic through our Losing Emotional Weight Class. We discuss all three of these topics and beyond along with tools and techniques that you can use any time you feel the cravings or anxiety come on.

Check it out here.

You can watch a preview from the class here:

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