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Where Are My Emotions Coming From?

Stressed out? Anxious? Fearful? Angry?

Our emotions can take a toll on our physical health, and even how our body reacts to different situations. For the month of June, we’re taking a deep dive into some of the emotions you may have felt over the last few unprecedented months. We’ll guide you through the cyclical response that your body takes, and how it’s all connected in three individual videos for any emotion you may be experiencing.

Cravings and Emotions

Have your cravings been through the roof recently? Have the ice cream, chips, candies or sweets been calling your name more than usual?

Community stress, like we’re experiencing now, can leave you feeling the need to conserve (or stop eating) or consume (eat more, or seek out new cravings). It’s more than just an emotional response, though: your cravings are linked to a sensory response in your brain. This link is the same one that lets you know that you’re feeling full, or that you’re thirsty. It’s always part of the experience of eating. However, the sensory response piece of your brain can be overwhelmed by strong emotions, leaving you distracted, and your appetite confused. Instead, your brain and your stomach are no longer acting on physical, but emotional needs.

Learn more about your brain and body’s connection, and how you can recognize and control your physical response to stress, in our video Got Cravings?

Essential Oils

We’ve met with many, many friends, family and clients who struggle with chronic pain or other conditions. Sometimes the trigger of the pain can’t be easily determined, and people struggle for years to get relief.

For many of these people, their physical pain is closely linked to emotional wellbeing. Essential oils can help release pent up and guarded emotions that are linked to physical wellbeing.

“If you smelled an aromatic molecule and stuck a pin in your foot at the same time, you’d actually sense the smell first, before you register pain,” Holly Draper, an Aromatherapist, said.

We seek to help change your perspective. Watch Holly and Ron discuss the power of essential oils, and get into the nitty gritty of how our brains accept, interpret and respond to information in our video Emotions and Essential Oils.

Food, Beliefs, and Your Health

Painful life experiences can be crippling, but if we allow them to build and transform us, they can become a source of insight and growth. Mary Marble shares how she helped her son heal and improve his autism through diets and gut health.

Later she lost a child at birth and realized how some of the thoughts in her mind were not true, and that any false beliefs she held were obstacles to her healing path. She determined that she wanted to know the truth. This propelled her on a journey of helping others to rid of false and limiting beliefs that keep them from peace and joy.

She realized that oftentimes we reach for things like food when we are really seeking something else. We might be wanting connection, love, or safety, but foods cannot provide those things and there are consequences to our body as we avoid the true needs our heart is really seeking.

Check out Mary’s incredible story on youtube, and learn more about Wise Nourishment here.

Do you have more questions about specific conditions, emotions or mind and body connectivity? Learn more about emotions and your health on our website, or download our FREE app today!

The Mind Body Dictionary can be an incredible resource as you listen to your body and seek to sift through the thoughts and beliefs that are preventing your highest health and joy.

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